Feature documentary




 "I would love to be in your head

for a few minutes, Bryan Little"  

 - Case 'Old School' Bakker


An ode to the weskus (west coast)


“I don’t have a tribal dance,

there are no manhood rituals for me.

Sitting round this fire with my friends,

surfing these West Coast waves,

This is my culture.”

- J’ bones / ‘ the dronk kreef '


A genre bending documentary - a personal project from director Bryan Little he describes as

“A film from an alternate reality, that is to be a surfer living and breathing on

the west coast of South Africa - to this sanctuary we make pilgrimages, to wash off the dirt of the world.”



For 10days&10nights we made a studio on the beach, from it our little community of surfers, artists, musicians, chefs, mystics and foragers made music with our true selves. Exploring the greatest force on earth : we ate our fill from the wilderness.


With themes of the ocean, spirit, biology, identity, and our natural place in the world, Deep Blue / Middle C is an interwoven story where fiction and non-fiction co-exist; as do memory and dreams.


A wise man recently told me;


"The qualities of the steps to getting somewhere are the same as the qualities of being there”.