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A South African documentary film about 5 young Afrikaans punk rockers that transformed a generation during a unique time in history; in one of the most reluctantly complex and evolving societies of the 21st century.


In 2003 an Afrikaans punk band was a laughable idea. Many thought the name crazy; and then the music came and many were enraged - publicly protesting "die bende" (the gang) who had the strength of their own voice and the desire to question And in a place where passion and brandy meet - many thousands became fans for life.


The film follows the story of the band over 4 years as they forge a place for themselves and their fans in a new South Africa; in the process challenging the stigmas and expectations placed on them by their Afrikaner heritage, the church and tradition.


Through the controversy and chaos, FOKOFPOLISIEKAR rose above their detractors and initiated a change in how the media perceived them and portrayed them. Through the death threats and Christian backlash they stood tall - sentries for the right to identity, freedom of thought, and the raw and often unseemly right to express one’s own truth. They unleashed a debate in the nation’s Afrikaans community that sought finally to heal the wound or at the very least to acknowledge it.


FOKOFPOLISIEKAR is a story of courage, passion and belief that reverberates through the minds and hearts of their fans - a story that transcends language and culture; and bravely faces a truth… that most would’ve left in darkness.



Audience Award Best South African Film - Encounters International Documentary Festival

(Bryan Little is the only filmmaker to have won this prestigious prize with both his first two films.)